The Barren River Lake Scout Celebration is an annual event sponsored by the US Army Corps of Engineers and held at the Tailwater Campground below the dam at the Barren River Lake near Glasgow, Kentucky for Scouts of all ages. The event is a fun-filled weekend designed to allow scouts to showcase their skills, achievements, and talents. During the weekend, scouts will demonstrate their outdoor skills by setting up their campsites and building their gateways.  Throughout the three-day event, scouts will also strive to show everyone their scout spirit as they compete for "The Jigger Award," named after Walter D. "Jigger" Aspley, who exemplified the very best of scouting's high ideals.

The 26th Annual

August 14-16, 2020

2020 Theme -

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2019 Jigger Winner

Congratulations to Cub Scout Pack 212 for showing the most Scout spirit at the 2019 Barren River Scout Celebration! As a recipient of the JIGGER they will be honored with a special campsite and provided with a special gateway which will identify the honored title they hold! This site is used each year to honor the Scouts that hold the title!