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Below is a list of activities that have been held in the past. We never know from one year to the next which events will be possible. We are always needing volunteers to help run events.  If you see an event you are knowledgeable and versed in, please let the committee know so you can help make it happen at the event!

Morning Activities Camp Wide Activities
Camp Wide Activities are geared for the older Boy Scouts and older Girl Scouts to “test their scout skills” as a unit. Cub Scouts and Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts may participate in the activities that are age appropriate and will be scored as such.

Campfire Cookoff
As part of the Scouting way of life, cooking teaches us many important values in addition to adding variety to our palates. At the Scout Celebration, we offer this cook-off to test the culinary cooking skills of our Scouts to see which patrol team will claim the coveted “Golden Skillet” award! The cook-off will run throughout the day.

Junior Olympics
Brownies, Juniors, and Tiger/Wolf, Bear/Webelos compete in their divisions to see who will bring home the gold, silver and bronze medals. The Olympics are tailor-made for fun with each event assisted by older Scouts helping others. Besides, ITS TOO MUCH FUN!

An ancient sport that some historians believe was around as early as 50,000 B.C. this primitive form of hunting thrives today with scientifically designed equipment that will test the skills of our Scouts! The range is officiated by a certified BSA leader with several targets to accommodate the Scouts .

“Come to TAW”!! This ancient game of skill will test your “knuckling” ability to see who knocks out the most. Traditional marbles in this area are known to be made of materials such as bone, flint and clay. Ringer, the most common game (sometimes called taw), sports a ten foot clay earth circle as the playing area. Come test your aim for the most “friendlies”!

Horse Shoes
The Duke of Wellington once said that the American revolutionary war was won by “pitchers of horse hardware”. This popular wartime game has evolved into one of equal value to the American public. Local experts of this equine footwear phenomenon will entertain and teach this “National pastime” to young and old!

Volley Ball
A sport that needs no explanation is back at the celebration both in tournament and open form. Make sure you’re physically fit and stay hydrated because the sand court will be primed and ready for some serious “mintonette”!

Short Wave Radio
While Marconi developed the first radio in the 1920’s, there was a desire for something more than listening. The early “DXers” developed the use of the short wave to transmit and RECEIVE and “The Voice of America” was born! Let the 5-2 club teach you the art of “DXing” and allow you to “reach out” for a chance to relive the early days of radio!!

Living Pioneer Encampment
Come see how the pioneers lived as they traveled across this great nation in the early days of our nation. Learn pioneer crafts and how they survived without all the modern conveniences we take for granted.