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Total Units: 39
Girl Scouts Attended: 79
Cub Scouts Attended: 116
Boy Scouts Attended: 96
Ventures Attended: 3
People Attended: 522
GS Troops: 13
CS Packs: 11
BS Troops: 14
Venture Crews: 1

Junior Olympics Competition





Sibling Division
Silver: Dalton L

Gateway Competition
1st - Boy Scout Troop 555
2nd - Cub Scout Pack 297
3rd - Cub Scout Pack 273

Best Campsite Competition

1st - Cub Scout Pack 297
2nd - Cub Scout Pack 273
3rd - Girl Scout Troop 66

Exhibitions Competition

Girl Scout
1st - Girl Scout Troop 211
2nd - Girl Scout Troop 66
3rd - Girl Scout Troop 117
Cub Scout
1st - Cub Scout Pack 273
2nd - Cub Scout Pack 297
3rd - Cub Scout Pack 586
Boy Scout
1st - Boy Scout Troop - 738
2nd - Boy Scout Troop - 341

Campfire Cookoff Competition

Golden Skillet: BS Troop 120 Steve Storm and BS Troop 173 Dan Marquis
Silver Skillets
Youth: BS Troop 151 - Austin & Justin, adult Troy
Teen: BS Troop 151 - James & Lucas
Adult: CS Pack 297 - Amy, Laura, Lisa, Teddy & Lisa

2nd Place
Youth: Troop 117 - Megan, Jasmine, Mariah, Taylor & Georgiana
Teen: BS Troop 132 - B.J., Justin, Ed & Cody
Adult: BS Troop 132 - Billy & Johnny

3rd Place
Youth: BS Troop 727 - Lee & Matthew
Teen: GS Troop 117 - Amber, Anna, Becca & Abby
Adult: CS Pack 727 - Will, Mike, Turrell, Darren & Jeremy

Honorable Mention
GS Troop 4199 - Nikki, Britny & Lindsay
GS Troop 762 - Kelsey, Alex & Amber
GS Troop 762 - Marissa, Brittany

2008 Documents

2008 Agenda

2008 Gateway Judging Rules

2008 Exhibit Judging Rules

2008 Campsite Judging Rules

2008 Campfire Cookoff Rules

2008 Theme: United We Stand

These words have echoed throughout our country’s history with a strong message of loyalty and dedication to the success of our great nation. Since 1910 the American Scouting Movement continues to live this statement with steadfast devotion to the Scout Oath and Promise of duty to God and Country. The Barren River Lake Scout Celebration gives credence to this by giving our community the opportunity to see first hand the Boy Scouts of America and the Girl Scouts of the USA working together “United” to the cause of good citizenship!

Message From The Founder

Greetings to all Scouts! My name is Don Alexander, a Park Ranger for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Barren River Lake. I started the Scout Celebration over 14 years ago as a way to thank the Scouts for all their dedicated volunteer service to our lake. This event has grown into one of the largest outdoor Scouting weekends that include both the Boy Scouts of America and the Girl Scouts USA! The celebration provides activities for all ages, competitions, exhibits, and live entertainment. The Scout Celebration at Barren River Lake is a unique opportunity for the Boy Scouts of America and the Girl Scouts USA to demonstrate to the public what Scouting is all about.