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Total Units: 32
Girl Scouts Attended: 63
Cub Scouts Attended: 126
Boy Scouts Attended: 138
Ventures Attended: 0
People Attended: 559
GS Troops: 9
CS Packs: 8
BS Troops: 15
Venture Crews: 0

Junior Olympics Competition

Gold: Merci W - Troop 929
Silver: Elizabeth S - Troop 648
Bronze: Hanna T - Troop 324

Gold: Owen S - Pack 297
Silver: Nathan H - Pack 455
Bronze: Kyle Q - Pack 273

Gold: Lauren P - Troop 648
Silver: Brianne H - Troop 324
Bronze: Claire D - Troop 762

Gold: Drew M - Pack 297
Silver: Jackson B - Pack 540
Bronze: Darren B - Pack 297

Sibling Division
Gold: Skylar T - Troop 929
Silver: Sterling G - Pack 455
Bronze: Autumn H - Pack 297

Campsite / Gateway Competition

1st - Pack 297 - Scottsville, KY
2nd - Pack 455 - Bethpage, TN
3rd - Troop 149 - Scottsville, KY

Exhibitions Competition

1st - Troop 868 - Shepherdsville, KY
2nd - Pack 297 - Scottsville, KY
3rd - Pack 273 - Hartford, KY

Campfire Cookoff Competition

Golden Skillet:
Pack 710 - Sam, Seth, David, Preston, Shawn (Adult - Finis)

Silver Skillets
Youth: Girl Scout Troop 1643 - Kayla, Kaylan, Madison, Savannah, Brigid (Adult - Jeannie)
Teen: Girl Scout Troop 762 - Amber, Alex, Nikki
Adult: Boy Scout Troop 132 - Billy, Johnny, Lamont

Golden Whisk
Boy Scout Troop 151 - Austin, Matthew (Adult - Daniel)

Golden Spatula
Girl Scout Troop 762 - Amber, Alex, Nikki

Honorable Mention
Cub Scout Pack 297 - Wendy, Tammy, Amy
Boy Scout Troop 132 - B.J., Justin, Ed, Adarius
Boy Scout Troop 747 - Kaleb, Jonas
Girl Scout Troop 1643 - Emily, Marissa, Tristyn
Boy Scout Troop 747 - Trevor, Colton (Adult - David)
Boy Scout Troop 151 - Austin, Matthew, (Adult - Daniel)

2009 Theme:

Keep Your World Healthy

Message From The Founder

To all Scouts keeping your world healthy is as easy as following the words all Scouts live by, the Scout Oath and Scout Law. Lord Baden Powell, founder of the Scouting movement, was once asked what a Scout was to be prepared for and his reply was “prepared for anything”. Keeping your world healthy is paramount to “be prepared”. It is more than just being physically fit which includes healthy nutrition and exercise, our homes and communities that we live in must be maintained as well. Don’t stop there though, because it is all important to keep our minds strong with purpose. “Keeping Your World Healthy” includes every aspect of our lives with a 24/7 commitment so that we are “prepared for anything”. This holds true today just as it did nearly 100 years ago when the Scouting movement began.