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Jigger Winner

Boy Scout Troop 555 - Bowling Green ,KY

Total Units:  21
Girl Scouts Attended:  23
Cub Scouts Attended:  24
Boy Scouts Attended:  80
Ventures :  3
Adults Attended:  88
People Attended:  218
GS Troops:  6
CS Packs:  5
BS Troops:  9
Venture Crews: 1

Jr. Olympics

Gold - Dixie B - Troop 567
Silver - Peyton S - Troop 834
Bronze - Tanasia G - Troop 834

Gold - Jacob F - Pack 303
Silver - Ethan A - Pack 303
Bronze - Colton H - Pack 305

Gold - Kaylee S - Troop 1806
Silver - Lexi S - Troop 834
Bronze - Harley J - Troop 1806

Gold - Caleb J - Pack 586
Silver - Michael M - Pack 47
Bronze - Kasey A - Pack 53

Best Campsite Competition

1st - Troop 555 - Bowling Green, KY
2nd - Troop 747 / Crew 747 - Glasgow, KY
3rd - Troop 244 - White Mills,  KY

Exhibitions Competition

1st - Troop 555 - Bowling Green, KY
2nd - Crew 747 - Glasgow, KY
3rd - Troop 4199 - Russellville, KY

Morning Activities

Cub Scouts
1st - Pack 586/GS253 - Glasgow, KY
2nd - Pack 305
3rd - Pack 47 - Franklin, KY

Girl Scouts
1st - Troop 1561 - Russellville, KY
2nd - Troop 1806 - Sharon Grove, KY
3rd - Troop 368

Boy Scouts
1st - Troop 555 - Bowling Green, KY

Older Scout Challenge

1st - Boy Scout Troop 555 - Bowling Green, KY
2nd - Boy Scout Troop 747 - Glasgow, KY
3rd - Boy Scout Troop 303 - Russellville, KY

Gateway Competition

1st - Troop 747 - Glasgow, KY
2nd - Troop 555 - Bowling Green, KY
3rd - Troop 765 - Jeffersontown, KY

Campfire Cookoff

Golden Skillet:
(Girls) - Troop 834

Silver Skillets:
Youth - Girl Scout Troop 1561
Teen - Boy Scout Troop 149
Adult - Girl Scout Troop 4199


2013 Theme:

Scouting Marches On

From the beginning of Scouting in America in 1910 with the creation of the Boy Scouts of America, and the creation of Girl Scouts of the USA two years later in 1912, Scouting has continually marched forward.  Generation after generation of young men and women have learned valuable skills, ethical & moral values and citizenship within the Scouting program.  Though, many people have come and gone, rules and regulations have changed, new Scouting movements may be created, but Scouting continues to march on.  Join us at the Tailwater Campground August 9-11, 2013 as Barren River Lake hosts the 20th annual Scout Celebration.  Honoring the past while continuing to march ever onward.

Message from the founder:

There is no greater statement anyone can make than to say they will try their best, by their good name, to serve God and our country. To obey the laws and principles established that guide us in serving. The Scouting movement has endured for over 100 years following these benchmarks.

Scouting has entered its second century with the same commitment to excellence that is the backbone of this nation. Serving God and serving country, helping others and living by example with a strong moral character. The Scouting movement has developed many young men and women into good citizens of these United States.

Our country has witnessed many changes over the course of time and the Scouting movement has continued to serve as a beacon of light for this nation guiding our youth to finding their roles in the fabric of good citizens. “Scouting Marches On” to serve God and this nation, to help others at all times and to keep every aspect of our being prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.